Murano Glass Earrings

Byzantine Hearts


EMBRACE SWEET HISTORY!  These piccolo heart style Murano Glass Earrings are infused with gold leaf and are named after the empire that originally learned to infuse gold into glass. They are the perfect Murano earrings with a combination of history and elegance.

C'a d'Oro


SHOW OFF YOUR STYLE!  Wrapped in Gold Leaf and heated until crackled, these trending earrings are named after the famous Palazzo  on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy.



SHOW THEM YOUR SWEET SIDE!  Contrary to its name, these heartfelt earrings, sport a beautiful exterior coloring!  White Heart or Carmella originates with a base of white: which gives them a  candied appearance, and a deep refractive quality that makes them pop!



BE ORIGINAL! These sweet Murano Millefiori Innocenza earrings bring us back to a simplier time!  They embody the very essence of tender innocence through the use of this simple flower design. The glass is created  by placing slices of Millefiori cane.



TAKE HIS BREATH AWAY!  These luxurious grande Conterie earrings have an interior that houses Gold Leaf, while the exterior boasts fabulous transparent coloring!  They are a lenticche, which is more flat than round.



FLOAT INTO FASHION!  These floating Fluttuante earrings are comprised with transparent Murano Glass encasing Gold Leaf. Totally  fluid, trending, and classy! 

Klimt Style


UNLEASH THE ARTIST IN YOU!! These famous Klimt earrings are wrapped with Sterling Silver or 24Kt Gold Leaf.  They emulate the work of Gustav Klimt, the famous Austrian painter. Little bits of color and chips of millefiori are added and completely encased in crystal clear glass.  They are perfect "goes with everything" earrings!

L'Oro d'Alta


LIVE LIKE A QUEEN! These fabulous, classic L’oro di alta Piccolo Earrings  feature clear Genuine Murano Glass over 24Kt Gold Leaf.   Translated these earrings name means “The Gold of High”.  Quality glass from the great island of Murano, Italy!

Marmelli Amare


BE A ROMANTIC AT HEART!  These Marmelli Amare Heart Earrings are named after the Italian word “Marmo”, which translated means “Marble”.  Amare is the Italian word for love.  An artistic use of 24Kt Gold Leaf, and Aventurina (sparkling copper),  emulates the look of marble.

Marmelli Romance


RELEASE THE ROMANTIC IN YOU! These romantic Marmelli earrings are both feminine and stylish.  Derived from the Italian word marmo, they are created to emulate the look of marble.  Housed inside this striking glass is 24Kt Gold Leaf and Adventurina sparkling copper.



SOAR AMONG THE CLOUDS! These light and airy earrings earn their name from the Italian word Nuvola meaning cloud.  Named for the tiny particles of white glass suspended and sommerso (submerged) beneath the translucent Moretti glass,, these earrings are so sweet!



LIVE LIFE WITH A TWIST!  These unique Vincenza Earrings bring a twist to an otherwise dull day!  Twisted hot of the torch to emulate the look of a leaf, they are housed with Gold Leaf within transparent Venetian Glass.

Sole Nuvole


RADIATE ENERGY! These breathtaking earrings carry the energy of sunshine with their unique design. 



DAZZLE THEM WITH YOUR BRILLIANCE! Show off these earrings named after Nicolo Machiavelli, the philosopher who lived during the Renaissance period in Florence, Italy.



DRESS UP WITH ARTISTIC CHARACTER! These authentic Murano Glass earrings are infused with flecks of Adventurina (sparking copper) on a pastel base.

Bed of Roses


SAUNTER IN A BED OF ROSES!  This elegant, feminine set includes complex Murano lamp work. The Master Craftsman uses 24kt Gold Leaf and the “Millefiori”  design to create a beautiful rose garden pattern.

Colore Due


IN THE FOREGROUND OF FASHION! Spectacular due colore (two-colored) Grande Murano Glass to finish your wardrobe.