Wrap your Wrist in Authentic Murano Glass Bracelets!

Conterie Fluttuante Molto


TAKE HIS BREATH AWAY!  This luxurious Conterie bracelet has an interior that houses Gold Leaf, while the exterior boasts fabulous transparent coloring!  The glass is lenticche, which is more flat in shape than round.



LIVE LIFE WITH A TWIST!  This sophisticated Vincenza Rondelle bracelet brings a twist to an otherwise dull day!  Twisted hot of the torch to emulate the look of a leaf, this unique glass is housed with Gold Leaf within transparent Venetian Glass.

L'Oro di Alta


LIVE LIKE A QUEEN! This fabulous, classic L’oro di alta Piccolo Necklace  features clear Genuine Murano Glass over Gold Leaf.   Translated this necklace's name means “The Gold of High”! 

Marmelli Amare


BE A ROMANTIC AT HEART!  This Marmelli Amare Heart bracelet is named after the Italian word “Marmo”, which translated means “Marble”.  Amare is the Italian word for love.  An artistic use of 24Kt Gold Leaf, and Aventurina (sparkling copper), emulates the look of marble.

Rosary Collection


This beautiful Sterling Rosary Bracelet features our  L'Oro di Alta authentic Murano Glass,which translated means "The Gold of High".  A constant reminder to fullfill your promise to Our Lady daily.

Curved Rettagolo Style


CURVY STYLE! This fun, curved style "Made in Italy" Murano Glass Cuff Bracelet includes authentic Murano Glass designed with a curved edge.

Sole Ora Anta


 EMBRACE VERSALTILITY! This exclusive Genuine Murano Glass, Oro Anta Sole  Sterling Bracelet is made featuring an exterior 24kt Gold sash over Murano Glass. The variegated colors bring fun to the warm, rich, hand blown glass .

Marmelli Romance


RELEASE THE ROMANTIC IN YOU! This romantic Marmelli Romance bracelet is both feminine and classic.  Derived from the Italian word marmo, it is created to emulate the look of marble.  Housed inside this striking glass is 24Kt Gold Leaf and Adventurina, sparkling copper.