Murano Glass Pendants

Bed of Roses Sterling Drop

WANDER THROUGH THE ROSE BED!  24kt Gold Leaf,  sparkling copper, and "Millefiori” is added to create this amazing work of art.

Zanfirico Diagonal

CAPTURE ATTENTION! This chunky  Diagonal Pendant features the world famous Murano Zanfirico cane! The 24Kt Gold authenticity mark is on the back making it a forever keepsake!

Bed of Roses Lauto

TAKE MORE TIME IN THE ROSE GARDEN!  A Murano Glass Pendant in 24Kt Gold Leaf, Adventurina, and a modern Millefiori design creates this unique piece!

Bed of Roses Multi-Drop

COMBINE BEAUTY WITH HISTORY!  This classy, yet funky multi-drop pendant combines old world charm with a trending design without leaving out the good stuff!

Byzantine Gold Hearts

EMBRACE SWEET HISTORY!  This beautiful heart pendant is infused with gold leaf and are named after the empire that originally learned to infuse gold into glass, It is the perfect combination of history and elegance!.

Tre Sospesa

SUSPENDED YOURSELF IN TIME! This sleek design name translated means three suspended.  It features  L' Oro di Alta or Ca' d "Oro genuine Murano Glass.

Klimt Designs

UNLEASH THE ARTIST IN YOU!! This famous Klimt pendant is wrapped with Sterling Silver or 24Kt Gold Leaf.  It emulate the work of Gustav Klimt, the famous Austrian painter.  Little bits of color and chips of millefiori are added and completely encased in crystal clear glass.  The perfect "goes with everything" pendant!

L'Oro di Alta "Gold of High"

LIVE LIKE A QUEEN! This fabulous, classic L’oro di alta Piccolo Pendant feature clear Genuine Murano Glass over 24Kt Gold Leaf.   Translated this pendants name means “The Gold of High”.  Quality glass from the great island of Murano, Italy!

Marmelli Amore Hearts

BE A ROMANTIC AT HEART!  This Marmelli Amare Heart Pendant is named after the Italian word “Marmo”, which translated means “Marble”.  Amare is the Italian word for love.  An artistic use of 24Kt Gold Leaf, and Aventurina (sparkling copper), ensures look of marble.

Vincenza Twists

LIVE LIFE WITH A TWIST!  This unique Vincenza Rondelle Pendant brings a twist to an otherwise dull day!  Twisted hot of the torch to emulate the look of a leaf, is houses Gold Leaf within transparent Venetian Glass.


DAZZLE THEM WITH YOUR BRILLIANCE! Show off this sophisticated pendant named after Nicolo Machiavelli, the philosopher who lived during the Renaissance period in Florence, Italy. 

Murano Crosses

A MILLEFIORI CROSS...No better way to express love.

Farfalla Butterflies

Beautiful butterfly Murano Glass Pendants!

Rettangolo Medio Piccolo

Rectangular Pendants in spectacular stylish!

Fino Piccolo

Piccolo "small" sized rectangular pendants in vivid colors....

Millefiori Encased

Millefiori "thousand flowers" encased pendants of classic encased design.

Grande Raindrops

These Murano Glass Raindrop Pendants are handcrafted with lovely swirls of colored glass, and finished with a .925 Sterling Silver bail.