Murano Glass Necklaces

L'Oro Fluttuante Piccolo


STAY FLIRTY! This floating piccolo Fluttuante Necklace's name translated means floating or fluctuating. This piece is flirty, classy and trendy! 

Swirl Swarovski Heart


SWIRL INTO FASHION! This beautiful Swirl Swarovski Gold Heart Necklace is made using 24Kt Gold Leaf and striscia (striping). It’s larger, "puffy" design is decorated with Swarovski Crystal elements. The perfect lungo (long) "opera" length statement piece at 32" in length! It may be dressed up or worn casually, and is the talk of the town at every occasion! 

Ca' D'Oro Piccolo Molto Gold


TO ACCENT YOUR LOVELINESS ...GINEVA's enchanting Ca' D'Oro necklaces are wonderfully versatile in 24kt gold accents.

Fluttuante Molto


FLOAT INTO FASHION! This trending L’oro di alta Fluttuante (floating and Fluctuating) Necklace features clear Genuine Murano Glass over Gold Leaf.   

Millefiori Sterling


BE ORIGINAL! This Millefiori Necklace is fresh and fun.  Millefiori, meaning 1,000 flowers, is known as “Classic Murano Glass.”  Dating back to the thirteenth century, Millefiori is the original Murano Glass! 

Pastello Adventurina


CELEBRATE IN COLOR! Naturally lustrous, this necklace collection features the finest quality, hand-selected Murano glass and Swarovski crystals.   

Serale Evening Necklace


SEAL THE DEAL! This exquiste Serale Gold Evening Necklace Collection is not just for twilight!  It features an exterior 24kt Gold Leaf sash over chunky Murano Glass. The perfect power accessory!  

Marmelli Romance Piccolo


RELEASE THE ROMANTIC IN YOU! This romantic Murano Glass Necklace in Marmelli Romance style is both feminine and classic. Derived from the Italian word marmo, it is created to emulate the look of marble.  Housed inside this striking glass is 24Kt Gold Leaf   and Adventurina, sparkling copper.

Sole Oro Anta


EMBRACE VERSALTILITY! This exclusive Genuine Murano Glass, Sole Nuvole Gold or Sterling Line Necklace Sterling Collection is made featuring an exterior 24kt Gold sash over Murano Glass. The variegated colors bring fun to the warm, rich, hand blown glass. As with all authentic Murano Glass, each bead is individually hand blown, so the shape and size will vary slightly.

Marmelli Romance Gold Line


INVITE MORE ROMANCE! This Marmelli Romance Gold Line Necklace's name is derived from the Italian word marmo. Created to emulate the look of marble, the glass houses 24Kt Gold Leaf and sparkling copper.

L'Oro di Alta Piccolo


LIVE LIKE A QUEEN! This fabulous, classic L’oro di alta Piccolo Necklace  features clear Genuine Murano Glass over 24Kt Gold Leaf. Translated this necklace's name means “The Gold of High”.  Infused is quality glass from the great island of Murano, Italy! 

Marmelli Romance Delicato


SHOW YOUR DELICATE SIDE! This beautiful Marmelli Romance Delicato Necklace's name stems from the Italian word marmo. It is infused with 24Kt Gold Leaf and Adventurina (sparkling copper) to emulate the look of marble.

Torsione Grande Sterling


STAND OUT IN THE GROUP! This exclusive Klimt creation by GINEVA mixes .925 Sterling Silver with vibrant colored glass bits that are intricately set into crystal clear glass that is finished with a twist by the master craftsmen of Murano.